The Money’s Out There, Let’s get it!

The Money’s Out There, Let’s get it!

The Yellow pages, the News Paper ads, billboards and Train posters help, but are they enough? These methods of getting your business out there have worked for years, decades & even centuries, but they are no longer The Answer. The last 5 years have seen so many changes in our social structure that these methods of advertisement are no longer viable…

Should you put your business online? How do you get your business online? The controversial reality is that, so many web designers and so-called social media managers offer services that are at best: Half Assed (pardon my french.)

I like to say → The Money is out there, businesses just don’t know how to get it. These online methods of advertisement are so new, that they can be sometimes scary. You know you have to be online, your main concern is to be found, but you don’t know which step to take first.

Get educated before you take the 1st step – even if it’s not with Business Ripples. Find out how you can get the m0ney flowing back into your registers, schedule a business strategy call with Olivier so we can get started as soon as possible.

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